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The article's title is incorrect due to technical limitations. The correct title is: mikmodpodzilla.

NOTE: This *DOES NOT WORK* on Nanos, and quite possibly any iPod other than 1g,2g,3g, and 4g monochrome. Sorry.

The current loading screen (1g)

The current playback screen (1g)

The new playback screen (4g)

mikmodpodzilla Is a variant of podzilla with the MikMod engine integrated into it. It's not meant to be a long-term distribution variant of podzilla, just something for now, so that we can play our Music Modules on our iPods.

It supports all mod formats from MikMod 3.0.3 (http://www.tfn.net/~amstpi/mikmod.html). The 1g-3g iPod is only capable of playing up to 12 concurrent voices before it starts to get glitchy. The 4g+ iPod can handle up to 22 concurrent voices. (right image)

The image on the right shows a development version of the MikMod interface, better suited for proper integration with podzilla. It will be released with this look soon.


  • Menu - exit
  • Play - play/pause the song
  • Action - switch between volume and scrubbing (scanning) mode
  • Wheel - adjust volume, scanning in a song
  • Prev Track - go to previous song in playlist
  • Next Track - go to next song in playlist

Currently, all of the above operations work, although pause and prev/next track are audio-glitchy.

Current Status

Third (CVS) version released. 2005-06-20

  • Includes all CVS updates to this point in time
  • podzilla hooks are in CVS, so no patching of podzilla is necessary.. just a quick rebuild with the MIKMOD define.
  • MikMod patch and Mikmod mirror available in the current release directory (http://patsy.cis.rit.edu/Software/iPod/2005-06-20_mikmod)
  • Shuffle enabled by "Settings" menu
  • MikMod moved into the "Music" menu.

Second version Released. 2005-04-08

  • Source, binary, and readme are available in the release directory (http://patsy.cis.rit.edu/Software/iPod/2005-04-08_mikmod)
  • Various visual updates
  • Shuffle play of playlist
  • Added "Loading" screen (shown above)
  • Remote support added

First Version Released. 2005-04-04

  • Source, binary, and readme are available in the release directory (http://patsy.cis.rit.edu/Software/iPod/2005-04-04_mikmod)
  • It only will play "Default.mik" playlist from the main app (menu selection)
  • other playlists selectable from the file browser. (navigate to a .mik file, press "action")
  • Based on the CVS release from that night.

Future Development

  • Fix the bugs listed in the text file in the above directory
  • more and better visualizations
  • play songs from the file browser, rather than just playlists
  • Better integration with podzilla.
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