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I am Thomas (Oberlehrer) Tempelmann.

I joined iPodLinux development on Mar 21, 2006

Clarification: I am not part of the team - I am a newbie in this area and have no control over iPL development. I am just someone who did some improvements to some of the open sourced code and the wiki, like anyone else could do as well. But I do not even know Linux enough to help anyone with questions in that area. (I actually dislike Unix and similar systems and prefer the good old Mac OS 9 - R.I.P.)

Note: As of mid-July 06 I have stopped actively contributing to iPL.

My contributions

  • Some wiki pages (
  • Loader 2. Updates to versions 2.2 to 2.4 were mostly my work. But I did not write the original Loader 2, which was most of the work (slowcoder and josh did that).
  • rohPod - a low level tool to view and edit an iPod disk connected to a PC. May be helpful for troubleshooting.


You can leave a message on my talk page (use the "+" from the page's top row to start a new section).

For other ways of contacting me, try Google

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