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Previous iPodLinux Work

  • An SDL port for iPodLinux. It's been tested on black-and-white 4g, and the old Photo. Should work, but untested, on mini and older iPods. It seems to be at least somewhat faster than Nano-X, not to mention the lack of flicker.
  • Bootsplash, a program to make /etc/rc's work nicer-looking. Has been tested for the same set of platforms as SDL, above.
  • iplbot, the resident infobot in #ipodlinux, spectacularly failing to correctly determine karma for several months now :-)
  • iPod Toolchain, the "second most useless port, ever" (the first being, of course, coob's John the Ripper port). This lets you compile programs on the iPod, in C and (hopefully) C++ as well. "Hello, World" took about fifteen seconds to compile; I haven't yet dared to try anything larger.
  • A few small podzilla bugfixes.
  • uCdl, a loadable-module library for iPodLinux. This is used in . . .
  • Core API of podzilla 2.
  • Restored the Wiki after a db crash.
  • TTK, a GUI library/various other handy things for the iPod. This is the graphics library used by podzilla 2. Advantages include easier application design, less dependence on one particular graphics library, more intelligent and generic handling of various things (e.g. color schemes, scrollwheel "tap" events on 4g+, better event handling in general), and plenty more. This was, as promised, released by the end of October (23:48, 30 Oct 2005 (CST)) :-)

Current iPodLinux Work

  • Integrating Hotdog, slowcoder's fast graphics library, with TTK.
  • Stuff to let Windows users access the ext2 partition without start files.
  • Trying to be useful in the forums, chatroom, etc.



Joshua Oreman


x86 and ARM ASM | C | C++ | Perl | PHP | Bash Scripting | Javascript | XHTML+CSS


Probably far more often than I should, and far less than I could...


Southern California, USA.


Why not?

Alternatively: Because.

Honestly: Because I really enjoy tinkering with logical systems, I happen to own an iPod, and it's something neat I can show off to my friends :-)


Gentoo Linux, Firefox, XEmacs, LaTeX, GCC, and (of course) bc.


Do you ever do anything useful?

That depends on the phase of the moon, bugginess of my code, and number of days I spent debugging that null function pointer problem.

Can you fix my problem?

Maybe. Got a blowtorch?

Will you build X cool thing?

If it interests me, maybe. If you write it, or at least start, the odds are much more likely. If you're willing to learn, that's a good thing.

Are you really 15? Yes.

Do you have a life? Yes.

Are you sure about that? Yes.


E-mail me at the address below. (ASCII art = low-tech CAPTCHA.)

                              _  ____                  _ _
 ___ _ _ ___ _ __  __ _ _ _  (_)/ __ \ __ _ _ __  __ _(_) |  __ ___ _ __
/ _ \ '_/ -_) '  \/ _` | ' \ | / / _` / _` | '  \/ _` | | |_/ _/ _ \ '  \
\___/_| \___|_|_|_\__,_|_||_|/ \ \__,_\__, |_|_|_\__,_|_|_(_)__\___/_|_|_|
                           |__/ \____/|___/

Alternatively, leave a note on my talk page.

Alternatively, I'm josh_ on freenode and EFnet, josh on the iPodLinux forums, and ender940 on AIM. (If you're thinking of contacting me to ask for special help installing iPodLinux, don't — the forums and IRC are much more helpful in that respect.)

Josh (talk) 14:15, 3 Jan 2006 (CST)

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