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iPodLinux Contributions

Now Playing

    • Various podzilla2 user interface enhancements
      • Menu Groups - groups similar menu items together - like the iPod Touch/iPhone Settings menu

In the playlist

These are in progress, but not my primary focus right now... they might pop back up randomly.

    • MikModule MikMod 3.2.0 port to podzilla2
      • smart queueing - caches multiple songs in one shot
      • Switch the audio device to the proper one for newer iPods
    • Transient (temporary) header widgets - status indicators for games, modules, etc.
    • Vortex (Tempest-like game for pz2)
      • gameplay
      • bug fixes
    • ipodmame svn, builds, nano support, (initial work by imphasing)
      • need to remove the horrible configuration-file based stuff. That was a poor idea
    • IPodGames reverse engineering AppleOS-based games for 5g iPods
      • Not really doing anything on this front, just maintaining the page.
    • Lithp Lisp-like interpreter with event hooks (version 2)
      • minor enhancements/functions needed - like adding a "backlight disable" thing
    • Other Bugfixes
      • Time/Date not getting to podzilla2 correctly on Nano/5G

podzilla 2 Modules

    • Llauncher Graphical external application launcher for podzilla2
    • Wumpus 3.0 - a non-legacy podzilla2 module, and to generally looks better than the pz0 version
    • Lithp Lisp-like interpreter with event hooks (needs updating)
    • Resistor color code tool thingy
    • Truchet pattern demo

iPod Linux / podzilla 2 / ttk Contributions Completed

    • Headed up the first ContributionContest (November 2006-January 2007)
    • TTK Startup - Tux instead of dots (Using tux icon from User:CourtC)
    • Modularization of header widgets and decorations
    • MPDC header widgets (icon indicator, progress display)
    • command line/resolution selection
    • color gradient rects (and subsequent rewrite)
    • color schemes: Amiga 1.x, Amiga 2.x, Red, Gameboy, BeOS, MacOS, TOS
    • appearance stuff: Scaled "Amiga", BeOS, Lisa, TOS, System 7 and MacOS decorations
    • load average display rewrite
    • header text justification
    • battery update rate/disable
    • ignore firewire->diskmode if on 5g or Nano

iPod Linux/podzilla 0 Contributions Completed

    • Clock engine, time setting, 1g/2g auto-timeset and all of the current clock faces.
    • HuntTheWumpus game for podzilla.
    • Lights - a "Lights Out" game for podzilla.
    • PodDraw - with color, and image saving.
    • WorldClock and strange time zone/DST type things.
    • Vectorfont routines. NOW WITH BETTER "J"!
    • Settings API for PTK/Podzilla Core (while coding for issue #14) (not used, since it sucked)
    • Appearance routines (including color schemes, decorations, battery indicator, load average display, etc)
    • Modal Dialog box. ("Ok" "Cancel" etc...)
    • bootloader multi-image support (different displayed graphic for each kernel chosen.) Somewhat obsolete now that Bootsplash exists.

Standalone Things Completed (and now abandoned)

    • BleuLlauncher a stripped-down, hacked podzilla 0 build that's just for launching programs. (pz0, pz2, idoom, etc....) with a timeout.
    • MikModPodzilla music player This one does have a GUI, and accepts user inputs. It plays playlists of mod files. (mod, xm, s3m, etc...) and is now somewhat a part of CVS podzilla.

Both of these are based on Podzilla0 which we've moved away from at this point. Now that Podzilla 2 supports launching, and my Llauncher Module is available, there's not much reason to develop it anymore. (The MikModule is in the works.)

Future Work (perhaps)

    • Porting MilkyPlayer to podzilla2
    • Alarms (trigger beep, audio playback, etc.) - i have a design, mostly, and a framework with hooks, but I haven't done the alarm setting code.
    • PodDraw - A re-write, adding in support for "Surround" and "Nibbler" games.
    • Cacheing back end for the settings system completed above (to reduce disk access)


    • "Trumpy" -- iPod Touch, 16 gig (loan)
    • "Cheese Musket" -- 5.5G, 30 gig, black (loan)
    • "Flynn II" -- 5.5G, 80 gig, white
    • "Burrito" -- Nano1G, 1 gig, black
    • "Wiggly" -- 4G, 10 gig
    • "Glorph" -- 1G, 5 gig, with high capacity battery
    • Most of the 4th gen Belkin accessories, 5th gen TuneTalk Stereo
    • Two SendStation Firewire Pocket Docks (one with, one without line-out)



    Scott Lawrence (AKA Bleullama, AKA Yorgle, AKA Jerry) Oh, and I'm also a character in a friend's comic strip (


    C | C++ | Objective C | Z80 Asm | Java (/Swing/AWT) | Processing | Perl | XML | Javascript | PHP | HTML GUI design and widgets | applications-level coding | development tools | production tools | systems design


    • LlemonIDE ( an IDE for creating and debugging Z80 arcade code
    • Yorgle Notebook ( my cg/coding hacks/essays page
    • iMovie/Final Cut Plugins (
    • Turaco ( / AGE
    • Pac-Matrix ( and other original code for Z80/Pac-Man
    • QuadBlok (Pac-Z80 version and Proce55ing version (
    • UberPaint/4P (
    • my now deceased webcomic, NORT (
    • all of the projects (

Designed, never built

    • Distributed Weblog system
    • Totem ( Arcade Emulator
    • Alpaca ( Multitasking Z80 OS


    Rochester, NY, USA


    OS X, Solaris, various Linuxen, vi, DPaint, homebrew tools


Code isn't swayed by the power and logic of rehetoric. Code isn't impressed by college degrees or large salaries. Code just sits there, happily doing exactly what you told it to do. If that isn't what you thought you told it to do, that's your problem. -Kent Beck

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