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ZIlla Development


The zilla written in hotdog for beter graphics and speed. Includes coverflow.

Blah3 is part of the Xzilla dev team.

Released Modules:


This hassent been released yet but it is a functioning graphing calculator. There are isues with the input though.

I dont know when It will be released but I predict this month.

Scientific calculator:

Get it here: Special:Module/scicalc

A modified calculator with much more functions.

Currently working on a larger number limit.

Battery Moniter:

Get it here: Special:Module/batt

A untility that shows percent charged and shows your battery while chargiing.

Currently working on a rate of charge lost.


Get it here: Special:Module/counter

A simple counter that counts when you press action with text that scales to fit on the screen.

Working on a programable allert.

Can I Help You?

Please tell me for any problems in my modules or development requests for them. Please PM me or use my talk page.

Or if you are beging with modules, check Hello_World_Module for an easy tutorial.

Ask Me

I can help you with modules for pz2 in C, command apps in C, color schemes, C, and some pz2 and ttk functions. Just post or PM or use my talk page.

Good Links

PZ2 API [1] (

TTK API [2] (

The API are verry helpful, thanks Mr. Oreman.

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