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Often, on this wiki and on the forums, we discuss things that we call Unsupported. Here is the definitive definition of this term...

Please understand that iPodLinux is a voluntary effort. At first, only those played with it who knew Linux enough to be able to help themselves.

Nowadays, however, many people have contributed things that the core developers have no control over any more. The nature of the forum and this wiki allow anyone to add new information, programs, tutorials.

However, if someone we do not work with adds some information and you then rely on it, you have to agree that we cannot take responsiblity for it. Neither can we usually help you with it because we have no insight into it.

So, if an article is titled unsupported, it means that we, the maintainers of iPodLinux, do not have the time to look into it. And if you come to us and ask for help with it, we usually refuse to look into it because:

  1. We told you here that we do not want to deal with it
  2. We have better things to do than to fix the problems caused by others we don't know
  3. It is something that's not finished yet for common use, meaning we know there are still problems with it and hence don't have the time to help you make it work if you can't figure it out yourself

So, if you want to play with iPodLinux, accept this anarchy we live in here and don't come complaining.

The iPodLinux project is mainly a project to use Linux on an iPod - not to provide games to the masses! So, if you just want to use iPL to play games, then you're on your own.

If you need help on something unsupported, ask someone who has done whatever thing you're trying to do, or do some research on your own to figure it out. If it's a forum article, contact its author. If it's a wiki article, use the history link above the article to find out who wrote it and contact that person, e.g. by leaving a note on his discussion wiki page.

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