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This is a list of all the podzilla 2 schemes currently registered with the site. Click on a scheme's name to get more information, or click the "Get it" link to the side if you wish to download it right now.

Creative ones: Please log in and add your schemes to this registry! Click "Register your scheme" above.

Note that the iPodLinux Project cannot vouch for the quality of any of these schemes except those included in official distributions.

NameAuthorDescriptionRatingGet it
Mac OS X TigerNick Anatala ->A true Mac OS X Tiger/10.4 scheme. Currently for 5G Video Only. Ignore "No releases". Link on page. (2 votes)1.0 tar.gz
!Ubuntuajpsk8 ->A simple Ubuntu Linux Scheme (1 vote)1.0 tar.gz
30 Seconds to Marsthe_keymaker ->Based off the new album A Beautiful Lie from the band 30 Seconds to Mars. *Great* album!!!Not rated1.0 tar.gz
<3 Chix <3Andy Thompson ->A pink and black sheme for the girls.Not rated1.0 tar.gz
Anti-Flagpeateargriffin62 ->a theme for the kickass band anti-flagNot ratedNo releases
Apple Old Skoolipodphoto ->A tribute to Apple's Old logo (1 vote)1.2 tar.gz
Bittorrent B&WGoemon4 ->Simple B&W Bittorrent scheme.Not rated1.2 tar.gz
Black and Green GradOwen McGarry ->Black, with white font and some green decorations.Not rated1.0 tar.gz
Black And GreensOwen McGarry ->Nice dark green and black with white textNot rated2.5 tar.gz
BlACK FlAGGoemon4 ->A simple scheme for a great band. As of now 5g's only, expect optimization for other models soon!Not rated1.0 tar.gz
Black n' OrangeZacaj ->Black and Orange with a bit of blueNot rated1.0 tar.gz
BleachGoemon4 ->A scheme based off of the popular anime series.Not rated1.0 tar.gz
Blood CrossKeripo ->The theme of the Devil's Cross . . .Not rated1.0 tar.gz
Blue BabbleTerry Stenvold ->Simple Blue Scheme (2 votes)1.0 tar.gz
BlueTechEdward Woodley (eddie19913) ->A Tech ThemeNot rated1.01 tar.gz
BlueWhiteipodphoto ->A simple, clean Blue and White scheme.Not rated1.1 tar.gz
Cal PolyJonathynne Bett'ncort ->Cal Poly San Luis ObispoNot rated1.0 tar.gz
CanadaConnor Cameron ->A theme with the canada flag in the title barNot rated1.0 tar.gz
Chaska Hawks!canuckid ->This is for those of you who attend the Chaska school district, or are a LA Laker fan, for that matter.Not rated1.2 tar.gz
Choking VictimGoemon4 ->A simple theme for a good punk band.Not rated1.0 tar.gz
Constellationrrm74001 ->Inverted header bar and inverted scroll bar. Everything else is standard.Not rated1.4 tar.gz
coolblueredMatt ->looks good with a black ipodNot rated1.0 tar.gz
Dark MatterEdward Woodley (eddie19913) ->An Attractive Dark Tech Theme (1 vote)1.0 tar.gz
DCHatchinatore ->2 versions, rounded and squareNot rated1.0 tar.gz
DebianGoemon4 ->A simple debian scheme. (1 vote)1.0 tar.gz
DoomGoemon4 ->A Doom scheme for pz2. this one is the imp scheme (cause imps are my favorite enemies) its basically a mod of Eddie19913's Sadistic Red scheme. 5g's only (sorry photo and nano users)Not rated2.6 tar.gz
Duct TapeHatchinatore ->silvery gooodnessNot rated1.1 tar.gz
EngadgetGoemon4 ->A simple scheme inspired by a great website ( rated1.0 tar.gz
EnglandMechGuy ->Not rated1.0-Whoops!!!! tar.gz
ExcuisitionLixz ->Blackish gradient theme with a hint of style. Looks great with iconUI. Works for all color iPods.Not rated0.3 tar.gz
Familiarpz2 devs ->This scheme makes podzilla2 look similar to the Apple firmware. (2 votes)1.2 tar.gz
Family GuyEdward Woodley (eddie19913) ->A Family Guy Theme (1 vote)1.01 tar.gz
FlClGoemon4 ->A modded Sleak Silver (by Eddie19913) using Tokyoma's FlCl titlebar (also looks best with the justification to the left, so the preview looks messed up)Not rated1.6 tar.gz
Florida Gatorsalexp et al. ->A Florida Gators theme.Not rated1.0 tar.gz
Gay Pridefiftyfour123 et al. ->Bright colors and rainbows!!!Not rated1.1 tar.gz
Gradient Greensnedthehead ->A Green theme celebrating gradientsNot rated1.0 tar.gz
Green Day - American Idiotthe_keymaker ->For all the fans of Green Day's American Idiot album.Not rated1.0 tar.gz
HaloMech Guy ->A Halo themeNot ratedBeta-1 tar.gz
HaloHatchinatore ->halo. yata, yata halo. screen shot insideNot rated1.1 tar.gz
HyphyTuxBlackflagRms13 ->Tux gettin' hyphy to a green and black scheme...Not rated1.1c tar.gz
i hate bushhatchinatore ->for all who dislike the monkeyNot rated1.1 tar.gz
illusionhatchinatore ->a black and white scheme that hurts your eyes if stared at!Not rated1.0 tar.gz
ImpressionsJustin Driggers (jtxdriggers) ->A nice silver theme with a gradient background. More work needs to be done.Not rated1.1 tar.gz
IndustrialEdward Woodley (eddie19913) ->A Metallic Theme for PZ2Not rated1.01 tar.gz
Inverted Familiaromgomg ->It's an inverted Familiar color scheme.Not rated1.0 tar.gz
ironiameatingjam ->iron, like the metal, the gray type color which this is.Not rated0.00000001 tar.gz
ItalyMechGuy ->Not rated1.0 tar.gz
iTunes 7.0Armon Khosravi ->kind of looks like the new iTunes 7.0, you be the judge.Not rated1.0 tar.gz
KCRWMichael Sweeney ->A scheme modeled after KCRW's web siteNot rated1.0 tar.gz
KDEGoemon4 ->A scheme inspired by the greatest desktop enviroment for linux!!Not rated1.0 tar.gz
Kingdom HeartsXxxdieFckr ->kingdom Hearts theme (1 vote)0.5 tar.gz
Last futureCkroxigor ->Colors like MatrixNot rated1.0.3 tar.gz
Leftover CrackGoemon4 ->A simple scheme by and insane NY based punk band.Not rated1.0 tar.gz
legohatchinatore ->lego maniaNot rated1.0 tar.gz
Mac FinderGoemon4 ->A scheme based off of the Mac's FinderNot rated1.0 tar.gz
Mango GuavaJonathynne Bettencourt ->An example scheme for iPLCSE. Kinda cool.Not rated1.0 tar.gz
Matrixmade by tgifman1 ->so... yeah. this is tgifman1's theme fixed.Not rated1.0 tar.gz
MechwarriorMechguy ->For those who like Mech WarriorNot rated0.1 tar.gz
MexicanosMechguy ->Mexican flag or a UFW theme "Go Chavez!" (1 vote)2.0 tar.gz
MidnightMichael Sweeney ->Dark blues and purplesNot rated1.0 tar.gz
MilkAndy Thompson ->Based off of the milk silver GUI for Mac OS X. A nice white sheme.Not rated1.0 tar.gz
MophicientMophun ->A clean and nice scheme.. I think :)) Use dock mode.. rated0.5 tar.gz
Mountain Dewhatchinatore ->for the mountain dew loversNot rated1.0 tar.gz
MRr.hankyHatchinatore ->mr. hanky the christmas poo he loves me and he loves you!!Not rated1.0 tar.gz
NEONZacaj ->neon colors on black (2 votes)1.0a tar.gz
New Tech HighJonathynne Bett'ncort ->New Technology High SchoolNot rated1.0 tar.gz
NoFXGoemon4 ->An inverted scheme in tribute to the band NoFXNot rated1.6 tar.gz
NominiLixz ->A great modern and clean theme (best viewed on video)Not rated0.5 tar.gz
OS 10.4hatchinatore ->similar to the dektop of mac osx 10.4Not rated1.5 tar.gz
OSXEamon Moloney ->OSX styled scheme for iPodNot rated1.0 tar.gz
Ouch!fiftyfour123 ->if this doesnt hurt your eyes, you're wierdNot rated1.0 tar.gz
PlasmaConnor Cameron ->A theme with an abstract background.Not rated1.0 tar.gz
Public EnemyGoemon4 ->A scheme inspired by an increadible rap group from the 80'sNot rated1.0 tar.gz
RancidGoemon4 ->A simple scheme inspired by a popular punk band.Not rated1.0 tar.gz
RastaOwen McGarry ->Why has no one made this yetNot rated1.seccond tar.gz
Red and BlackOwen McGarry ->Clean red and blackNot rated2.5 tar.gz
Red, Yellow GreenJake Tishgart ->Red Yellow GreenNot rated1.0 tar.gz
Reel Big FishGoemon4 ->A mod of Eddie19913's Family Guy scheme inspired by a popular ska band.Not rated0.5 tar.gz
River SchoolJonathynne Bett'ncort ->River SchoolNot rated1.0 tar.gz
SadisticEdward Woodley (eddie19913) ->A Grunge/Goth/Punk ThemeNot rated1.2 tar.gz
Sadistic (Red)Edward Woodley (eddie19913) ->A Sadistic Variant With A Red Selection BarNot rated1.01 tar.gz
SegmentsJonathynne Bett'ncort ->A black and red theme with a 16-segment-display font.Not rated1.0 tar.gz
Sleek SilverEdward Woodley (eddie19913) ->A Simple and Clean Theme (1 vote)1.01 tar.gz
smooth redcirca_skater_27 ->red theme with bits of blue.Not rated1.2 tar.gz
spongebobhatchinatore ->2 versions of spongebob.Not rated1.2 tar.gz
St. Louis Rams SchemeAlexp ->A scheme based on the NFL team, the St. Louis RamsNot rated1.02 tar.gz
Stadium Arcadiumalex_p ->A scheme based off of the new Red Hot Chili Peppers cd Stadium Arcadium.Not rated0.9 tar.gz
Strongbadhappymanj05 ->Yay!!! me first scheme! (1 vote)0.8-test tar.gz
SubLimeEdward Woodley (eddie19913) ->A lime green and black scheme, sounds like a disaster, but its a visual treat!Not rated1.0 tar.gz
SublimeMichael Sweeney ->A theme in memory of the reggae/ska band Sublime.Not rated1.0 tar.gz
System of a Downhatchinatore ->system of a down themeNot rated1.0 tar.gz
Texas Longhornsalex_p ->My 3rd theme, based off of the University Of Texas.Not rated1.01 tar.gz
The GimpGoemon4 ->A scheme inspirred by a great image editor (which i used to make all of my schemes!)Not rated1.7 tar.gz
The Paramour SessionsMichael Sweeney ->Made for Papa Roach's new album: The Paramour SessionsNot rated1.0 tar.gz
the pillowshatchinatore ->a theme of the band the pillows made specially for dock mode in iconui.Not rated1.1 tar.gz
Transgender PrideJonathynne Bett'ncort ->Bright blue and pink!!!Not rated1.1 tar.gz
TribalEdward Woodley (eddie19913) ->A Simple Dark Theme With Tribal GraphicsNot rated1.01 tar.gz
TuxMech Guy ->Just tux with blackNot rated1.0 tar.gz
twilighthatchinatore ->twilight black glass beach whatever screenshot inside.Not rated1.1 tar.gz
urban concreteajpsk8 ->This Will Simply WOW youNot ratedOriginal tar.gz
USAhatchinatore ->usa on the ipodNot rated1.1 tar.gz
vaulthatchinatore ->based off the vault energy drinkNot rated1.1 tar.gz
ViinusLixz ->Color: Blue-Yes, another super scheme from Lixz. If you like nomini and Excuisition, you will like this.Not rated0.2 tar.gz
Virginiaeelnat ->Virginia lacrosseNot rated1.0 tar.gz
VisionsJustin Driggers (jtxdriggers) ->A simple black and blue scheme. (background not included) (1 vote)1.23 tar.gz
wavleHatchinatore ->wavy and cool1Not rated1.0 tar.gz
Wiihappymanj05 ->second scheme of mine: for Nintendo Wii fans!!!Not rated0.5 tar.gz
Windows Media Player 11the_keymaker ->Based of the new Windows Media Player 11 from Microsoft. Let me know if there are any bugs or if something can be improved.Not rated1.0 tar.gz
Windows Vista <Black>tuxnoob ->scheme based off of windows vista, beta, comments appreciatedNot rated1.1 tar.gz
WindowsXPajpsk8 ->Made for nano only, in future (1 vote)1.0 tar.gz
WinXP BlackTuxnoob ->ajpsk8's windows XP scheme changed up and a little smoother.Not rated.1 tar.gz
Xboxeelnat ->an Xbox themeNot rated1.0 tar.gz
Yankeesfiftyfour123 ->for those of you who love the yankees (1 vote)1.51 tar.gz
zeldahatchinatore ->based off the popular zelda gamesNot rated1.1 tar.gz
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