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Module: Avalanche (avalanche)
Author: Joseph Constan  (all modules by Joseph Constan)
Description: Avoid the spikes, catch the balls
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0.4Fixed up a few things, am amazed at my stupidity, lets see if this one works.   Mar 24 2007zip | tar.gz | tar.bz2source tar.gz
.03Man, if I don't fix either cygwin or avalanche soon, I'm gonna have 100 releases that don't work...   Mar 17 2007zip | tar.gz | tar.bz2source tar.gz
.02Fixed a few dumb errors, so let's give it another go, then.   Mar 17 2007zip | tar.gz | tar.bz2source tar.gz
.01test/alpha release, very simplistic and boring, my cygwin is broken, so I'm uploading it to see if it works.   Mar 17 2007zip | tar.gz | tar.bz2source tar.gz

Remake of the game avalanche, you can play stick avalanche at http://www.yikers.com/game_avalanche_i.html. My C knowledge is pretty basic, and since I couldn't find a decent source code for avalanche, I just modded the falldown source.

EDIT: I wrote this back in my n00b days and will fix it as soon as I get the chance. I'm a bit busy at the moment but should have plenty of time in about a month when summer break comes.

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