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Module: 1D Tetris (1dtetris)
Author: Alexander Papst  (all modules by Alexander Papst)
Description: The probably most useless module ever!
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1.0.1Oops... forgot to set the score to 0...   Jan 17 2007zip | tar.gz | tar.bz2source tar.gz
1.0Initial Release   Nov 17 2006zip | tar.gz | tar.bz2source tar.gz

Find Tetris too hard? Just watch the blocks fall and your score climb!

Table of contents

1D Tetris

The probably most useless module ever!
1D Tetris

This game is for all the users thinking Tetris is way to difficult. I agree with you. And thats why i have created this module inspired by tetris1d.org (http://www.tetris1d.org). In this version the second dimension is missing so the user only has to move the bricks down. No horizontal moving anymore and no need to rotate the brick! To realize this, the module uses one of the best 1D graphics engine ever built.

How to play this incredible game

Right after launching the game the first brick moves down. If it is not fast enough for you press the centerbutton and the brick moves faster.

The Goal

The goal is to make as many lines as you can and reach the top score.

Wait.. did i say there is a goal?! Scratch that.

Icon for IconUI

Image:1D Tetris.PNG You will have to rename the image to 1D Tetris.png (without the underscore in the name).


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