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This is a list of all the podzilla 2 modules currently registered with the site. Click on a module's name to get more information, or click the "Get it" link to the side if you wish to download it right now.

Developers: Please log in and add your modules to this registry! Click "Register your module" above.

Note that the iPodLinux Project cannot vouch for the quality of any of these modules except those included in official distributions. Official modules' names are in bold.

NameAuthorDescriptionRatingGet it
1D TetrisAlexander Papst ->The probably most useless module ever! (5 votes)1.0.1 tar.gz
AboutJoshua Oreman ->About box for the iPod, like the Apple firmware's; tells you versions, drive usage, and a few other stats. (2 votes)1.1 tar.gz
Animated DecorationScott Lawrence ->A simple animated decoration scheme. (3 votes)No releases
AvalancheJoseph Constan ->Avoid the spikes, catch the ballsNot rated0.4 tar.gz
Battery MoniterBlah3 ->A simple but useful battery moniter (1 vote)1.3 tar.gz
BlackJackBrandon Smith ->Text blackjack portNot rated1 tar.gz
BluecubeKevin Wojniak ->Play tetris on your iPod (with color) (3 votes)1.0 tar.gz
BrickManiaArmon Khosravi ->A port of the Rockbox Breakout clone. (2 votes)1.3 tar.gz
BridgetRebecca Bettencourt ->A stupid game I've ported to just about everything. Only a matter of time before it hit iPodLinux.Not rated1.0 tar.gz
Browser Administration ExtensionsDavid Greenberg ->This adds chmod functionality to the browser (3 votes)1.0a tar.gz
C++ Standard LibraryGNU ->The standard C++ library - std::string and all that stuff.Not rated5.0.6 tar.gz
CalculatorCourtney Cavin ->A simple four-function-and-a-bit-more calculator. (1 vote)2.0 tar.gz
CalendarFelix Bruns et al. ->View vCal calendars on your iPod (2 votes)0.4.4 tar.gz
ChopperPrashant Varanasi and Paul Hunkin ->A replica of the popular flash game, Chopper (3 votes)1.0 tar.gz
ClocksScott Lawrence ->Various clock faces with which you can view the current time. (5 votes)2.0 tar.gz
Clocks 7-Segment DisplayScott Lawrence ->An extension for clocks that implements a 7-segment LCD-looking display. (4 votes)No releases
Color PickerRebecca Bettencourt ->A color picker! (2 votes)1.0.1 tar.gz
Connect 4Armon Khosravi ->Play connect 4 against a computer player or friend (2 votes)1.1 tar.gz
ContactsKevin Wojniak ->View vCard contacts on your iPod (1 vote)1.1 tar.gz
CounterBlah3 ->A simple counter. (1 vote)1 tar.gz
CrapsArmon Khosravi ->Simply craps...Not rated1.1 tar.gz
CurveFelix Bruns and Terry Stenvold ->1 or 2 player game (like the tron game), but with round corners (1 vote)0.4.1 tar.gz
Dead Pixel FixerBrandon Smith and Terry Stenvold ->Fixes and tests dead pixels. (3 votes)2.0 tar.gz
Dead Pixel TesterBrandon Smith and Terry Stenvold ->It displays different colors/patterns to test for dead pixelsNot rated1.1 tar.gz
DialerScott Lawrence ->A DTMF (Touchtone) dialer. Hold your earphone up to a telephone microphone and dial numbers! (3 votes)2.0 tar.gz
DiceRomain HERAULT ->Roll virtual dices (1 vote)0.2 tar.gz
DopewarsArmon Khosravi ->Port of the pz0 game dopewars (1 vote)1.1 tar.gz
DuckHuntArmon Khosravi ->Whatever happens, don't let that damn dog laugh at you. (2 votes)1.0 tar.gz
EncyclopodiaRobamler and Jsha ->Wikipedia Reader for iPod LinuxNot ratedNo releases
External Application LauncherMorten Proschowsky ->[Deprecated] This module allows external applications to be launched from podzilla2. (1 vote)0.3 tar.gz
FactorRebecca Bettencourt ->Display the divisors and prime factorization of a number. (1 vote)2.1.1 tar.gz
FalldownArmon Khosravi ->Try to...Falldown. (2 votes)1.0 tar.gz
File BrowserCourtney Cavin ->File Browser (2 votes)0.2 tar.gz
FoodgroupsArmon Khosravi et al. ->foodgroups (1 vote)1.0 tar.gz
FortuneBrandon Smith ->Just fortune (1 vote)1.0 tar.gz
Game Music Engine ModuleDustin Koupal et al. ->A module to the Game Music Engine for podzilla2 (1 vote)No releases
Gender ClockRebecca Bettencourt ->A clock face with gender symbols. (1 vote)1.1 tar.gz
Guitar Tab ReaderBrandon Smith ->It scrolls a loaded tab from tab.txt either manually or automatically (1 vote)1.0 tar.gz
HangmanArmon Khosravi et al. ->Randomly load a word, or have someone enter one for you. (1 vote)0.2 tar.gz
Header BCD ClockTerry Stenvold ->A widget that shows time in the header in BCD format (1 vote)1.01 tar.gz
Header ClockScott Lawrence ->A header widget that displays the current time. (2 votes)2.0 tar.gz
Hunt The WumpusScott Lawrence ->A simple adventure game set in a 10x10 grid. Find the arrow, shoot it at the wumpus. Don't fall in a pit! (3 votes)3.0 tar.gz
iBoloMichael Sweeney ->Recode of the game Bolo for the iPodNot rated1.0 tar.gz
iCard Low CardJoseph Constan ->Simple remake of the game High Card - Low CardNot ratedNo releases
Icon UIRebecca Bettencourt ->Icon-based replacement UI. Please read wiki page. (3 votes)1.4.1 tar.gz
iDeal or No DealTerry Stenvold ->Deal or No Deal for your ipod (US/CAN Version) (1 vote)1.1 tar.gz
iDoomMorten Proschowsky et al. ->Doom for your iPod (1 vote)No releases
iGemsJason Smith ->Basic Bjeweled clone.Not rated0.2 tar.gz
iGeniusLuiz Ribeiro ->A remake of the Genius game, in which you have to reproduce a visual sequence.Not rated1.0 tar.gz
iGoJuho Heikkinen ->A graphical go board and GTP client for playing the game of go against GNU GoNot rated0.1 tar.gz
InvadersSteve Brown ->Classic space invaders arcade game (1 vote)0.2.3 tar.gz
iPod Midi PlayerThomas Moore ->Plays MIDI files through software loaded GUS patchesNot rated0.1 tar.gz
iPod RSVPAdam Ferguson ->A Rapid Serial Visual Presentation (RSVP) reader for Podzilla2Not rated0.1.1 tar.gz
iPod to iPodJeremy Whelchel ->Directly transfer music between two iPods connected via FirewireNot rated0.1 tar.gz
iPodRacerTerry Stenvold and Armon Khosravi ->Racing game for your iPod (4 votes).1 tar.gz
iWeatherTerry Stenvold and Felix Bruns ->Weather Forcast From Your Favorite Cities. (4 votes)1.0 tar.gz
iZilla AlphaMike Stoppel et al. ->Here is the alpha version of iZilla (1 vote)1.0 tar.gz
iZilla DemoMichael Sweeney ->A fairly useless iZilla module, coded as a demo (5G ONLY)Not rated1.0 tar.gz
KabooM!Daniel Smith and Joshua Oreman ->A rewrite of the classic game Kaboom! for the iPod.Not rated1.1 tar.gz
Kitten CannonRufus Garton Smith ->See how far you can make your kitty fly! Based on the popular flash game.Not ratedNo releases
KniffelFelix Bruns ->A Yahtzee style game. (2 votes)0.1 tar.gz
LightsScott Lawrence ->A "Lights Out" style game. Turn all of the "Lights" off. (1 vote)2.0 tar.gz
Lithp EngineScott Lawrence ->A Lisp-like programming language that can be used to write stuff for podzilla. (1 vote)2.0 tar.gz
LlauncherScott Lawrence ->An image-based external file launcher for podzilla2 (eliminates the need for ilaunch, clauncher, or extlaunch, since it works directly from podzilla2) (3 votes)1.1 tar.gz
Lost CountdownBrandon Smith ->Simulates the Lost Countdown (1 vote)2.1a tar.gz
Lua LoaderDaniel-washere ->This adds File Browser support of launching the extension ".lua" files. (Installation Details Inside!)Not rated1.0 tar.gz
Lucky Lotto NumbersBrandon Smith ->Displays 5 random numbers as lotto numbers (1 vote)1.1 tar.gz
Machinist CalculatorTerry Stenvold ->Simple Calculator Build For Machinist FunctionsNot rated1.4 tar.gz
Magic 8 BallTerry Stenvold ->Magic 8 Ball on your iPod (2 votes)1.3 tar.gz
MasterMindArmon Khosravi ->Based on the popular (?) board game mastermind. (1 vote)0.6 tar.gz
MemoryBrandon Smith ->Port of MemoryNot rated1.0 tar.gz
MetronomeJannis Achstetter ->Simple Metronome for pz2 (1 vote)1.6 tar.gz
MikModuleScott Lawrence ->A port of the MikMod 3.2.0 music module player to podzilla2. (3 votes)1.3 tar.gz
Mouse EmulationRebecca Bettencourt ->Adds a new TTK widget that can treat the click wheel like an X-Y input device. (1 vote)1.1 tar.gz
Moviepod (Alpha)NsN ->Module to launch mvpd files from the file browserNot rated0.1 tar.gz
MPDCourtney Cavin ->MPD module, including MPD (4 votes)0.2 tar.gz
MPDcCourtney Cavin ->MPD clientNot rated0.4 tar.gz
MultiConvertRebecca Bettencourt ->Convert any unit of any type to all other units of that type in "real time." (1 vote)1.7d1 tar.gz
MyMenuJason Smith ->mymodule modified to demo creating a custom menu/settings for your app.Not rated0.1 tar.gz
MystifyFelix Bruns ->Just a demo. (1 vote)1.2 tar.gz
NoiseCourtney Cavin ->White noise on the iPod. Yay! (2 votes)0.2 tar.gz
Nose PickTerry Stenvold ->WarioWare Classic on your ipod (1 vote)1.0 tar.gz
OthelloCourtney Cavin ->Simple game of othello/reversiNot rated0.1 tar.gz
PacmanJames Glanville ->A re-write of pacman for the iPod. Still Alpha.Not rated0.6 tar.gz
Periodic TableRebecca Bettencourt ->Periodic table of the elementsNot rated1.2.1 tar.gz
Petals Around the RoseRebecca Bettencourt ->Roll five dice and guess how the score is calculated.Not rated1.0 tar.gz
PhotosKevin Wojniak ->View your photos synced from iTunes (1 vote)0.2 tar.gz
PianoArmon Khosravi ->neat piano appNot rated1.0 tar.gz
Piezo MakerTerry Stenvold and Felix Bruns ->Write piezo songs for your ipod (2 votes)1.0 tar.gz
PlasmaFelix Bruns ->Plasma, just plasma. (1 vote)0.7 tar.gz
Pod Pod RevolutionBrandon Smith ->DDR Clone (1 vote)1.7.2 tar.gz
PodCalcBlah3 ->A all-in-one calculator with graphing.Not ratedNo releases
PodDrawScott Lawrence ->A simple little etch-a-sketch like app. Draw stuff... Save it. (1 vote)2.0 tar.gz
PodPaintRebecca Bettencourt ->Painting program with (most of) the expected tools; draw stuff, save it, open existing pictures, edit them. (4 votes)1.2.2 tar.gz
PodPokerTerry Stenvold ->Texas Holdem Game (1 vote)1.3 tar.gz
PodReadFreqMod ->Text reader with support for long (at least 250KB) files, automatic scrolling and saving of linenumbers.Not rated0.0.1 tar.gz
PodWriteRebecca Bettencourt ->Plain-text word processor (1 vote)2.1.1 tar.gz
PongCourtney Cavin ->Pong. 'Nuff said.Not rated2.0 tar.gz
QuadpodPeter Noone ->solves a quadratic equation, you put in the numbers (1 vote)1.4.1 tar.gz
Random Identity CreatorBrandon Smith ->A remake of the shareware program 'fake' (1 vote)1.0 tar.gz
RecordingJannis Achstetter and Corbin Simpson ->A Module that will allow recording (and playing) of WAV-files in podzilla2 (1 vote)0.4 tar.gz
ReflexPeter Nooone ->reflex tester (1 vote)1.1 tar.gz
Resistor CodesScott Lawrence ->Resistor color codes lookup thing. (3 votes)2.0 tar.gz
Rock Paper ScissorsZsombor Kovacs et al. ->Rock Paper ScissorsNot rated1.1 tar.gz
Russian RouletteArmon Khosravi ->Play Russian Roulette against your friend, or the computer player.Not rated1.0 tar.gz
School ExcusesBrandon Smith ->A random generator of excuses to use in school (1 vote)0.3 tar.gz
Scientific CalculatorBlah3 ->A scientific calculator for pz2 (1 vote)2.6 tar.gz
Screen CaptureFelix Bruns ->Captures the iPod screen to a ppm or bmp file. (2 votes)0.5 tar.gz
Screen LockFelix Bruns ->A simple screen lock. (2 votes)0.4 tar.gz
SimonArmon Khosravi ->Play that funky coloured memory game on your ipod! Yay!Not rated1.1 tar.gz
SimpleSnakeKevin Wojniak ->A simple snake game.Not rated1.0 tar.gz
SlideshowSteve Brown ->View any photo/image with the file browserNot rated0.1 tar.gz
Snake360Morten Proschowsky ->Snake game optimized for iPod's ClickWheel (2 votes)0.1 tar.gz
SnowArmon Khosravi ->Winter wonderland ;)...or not.Not rated1.0 tar.gz
SoccerPeter Noone ->you scroll to direct the ball into the goal (3 votes)1.1 tar.gz
SQLiteRebecca Bettencourt ->iPL port of the SQLite 3 database engine (1 vote)1.0 tar.gz
StarfieldFelix Bruns ->A starfield simulation (2 votes)0.3 tar.gz
SteroidsKevin Wojniak ->An astroids like gameNot rated1.0 tar.gz
SudokuSteven Birk ->sudoku puzzle generator/solverNot rated0.2 tar.gz
System InformationArmon Khosravi ->Some stats about your ipod.Not rated1.0 tar.gz
TerminalRebecca Bettencourt ->A graphical terminal for podzilla, allowing use of the minix shell using all of podzilla's text input methods. (3 votes)1.0 tar.gz
Text InputRebecca Bettencourt ->Base for text input method support (1 vote)9.6.1 tar.gz
Text Input ExtensionsRebecca Bettencourt ->File browser extensions (rename, mkdir, copy, etc.) (1 vote)2.2.1 tar.gz
Text Input WidgetsRebecca Bettencourt ->Base for text input widget support (1 vote)9.6.1 tar.gz
Text Input: Predictive Text AddonRebecca Bettencourt ->Adds predictive text to Telephone Keypad input methods.Not rated0.2.1 tar.gz
Tic-Tac-TuxAlexander Papst ->Tic-Tac-Toe rewrite for 1 or 2 playersNot rated0.1 tar.gz
TIM: CursiveRebecca Bettencourt ->Input text by "writing" in faux-cursive on the scroll wheel.Not rated9.6.1 tar.gz
TIM: Four-Button KeyboardRebecca Bettencourt ->Input text by choosing from four options using the four playback control buttons.Not rated9.6.1 tar.gz
TIM: Hangul (Korean)Changbeom Ahn ->This module enables you to input Hangul (Korean) text.Not rated0.1 tar.gz
TIM: Kana PaletteRebecca Bettencourt ->Scroll through a palette of Hiragana, Katakana, or Romaji characters.Not rated2.0.1 tar.gz
TIM: Morse CodeRebecca Bettencourt ->Input text by tapping the center button like a telegraph key.Not rated10.1.1 tar.gz
TIM: Multilingual WheelboardRebecca Bettencourt and Stefan Lange-Hegermann ->Input text by scrolling left or right to split your options in half.Not rated2.1 tar.gz
TIM: On-Screen KeyboardRebecca Bettencourt ->Input text using an on-screen keyboard.Not rated9.6.1 tar.gz
TIM: Scroll ThroughRebecca Bettencourt ->Input text by scrolling through a list of characters. (1 vote)10.3 tar.gz
TIM: Telephone KeypadRebecca Bettencourt ->Input text by using the click wheel as a telephone keypad or three buttons as a row of a telephone keypad.Not rated9.6.1 tar.gz
TIM: ThumbscriptRebecca Bettencourt ->Input text using Thumbscriptâ„¢ on the click wheel.Not rated9.6.1 tar.gz
TIM: Transparent User guided PredictionMorten Proschowsky ->Fast and intuative text input method for iPod Video, Photo and NanoNot rated0.5 tar.gz
TIM: Unicode Hex InputRebecca Bettencourt ->Input Unicode characters by entering their code points in hex.Not rated2.0.1 tar.gz
TIM: WheelboardStefan Lange-Hegermann and Rebecca Bettencourt ->Input text by scrolling left or right to split your options in half.Not rated9.6.1 tar.gz
TimerArmon Khosravi ->small simple timerNot rated1.0 tar.gz
Tip CalculatorTerry Stenvold ->Figure out the Tip you should leave with this simple calculatorNot rated1.1 tar.gz
TrollcaveBeat "Asraniel" Wolf ->This is a simple roguelikeNot rated1.1 tar.gz
TruchetScott Lawrence ->It displays truchet patterns. (1 vote)2.0 tar.gz
TunnelJeffrey Nelson ->Maneuver the ball through the tunnel without letting it touch the sides. (2 votes)2.0 tar.gz
TuxChessJocelyn Nourry ->A simple chess based on free tuxchess sourceNot rated0.1 tar.gz
Twenty QuestionsZacaj ->Play a basic 20 questions game on your ipod (1 vote).1 tar.gz
VortexScott Lawrence ->A "Tempest" like game. (2 votes)No releases
Whack-A-ZuneJoseph Constan ->Whack-A-Mole with a twist! (1 vote)No releases
World MapTerry Stenvold ->World Maps and Weather on your ipod (2 votes)1.3 tar.gz
WormKevin Wojniak ->A snake game with a twistNot rated1.0 tar.gz
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