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The remote control is connected to the iPod via a UART serial device (see Serial_Port) and so input can be read simply by reading from the appropriate serial device under Linux (/dev/ttyS0). More useful though a line dicipline driver converts this input to standard tty style input. See here for the remote's data protocol.

To use this driver simply start the inputattach program as so:

For 1g/2g iPods:

inputattach -ipod /dev/ttyS0 &

For 3g iPods:

inputattach -ipod3 /dev/ttyS0 &
(this is no longer needed under the current CVS version of inputattach, use -ipod on all iPods)

Note: You may also have to create the link to the serial device first using this line: ln -s /dev/tts/0 /dev/ttyS0

Once this command is running pressing a button on the remote control will result in input on /dev/tty0. If you want to run the command at boot, put it in /etc/rc. CVS podzilla supports the remote when playing audio.

See Key Chart to find out how to simulate the remote buttons while running on the desktop.

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