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The Portal Player PP5002 (http://www.rockbox.org/twiki/bin/viewfile/Main/PortalPlayer?rev=1;filename=PP5002ProduuctBrief.pdf) is used in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation iPods.

location description
0x28000000 SDRAM (32MB)
0x40000000 Fast RAM, also called IRAM (96KB)
0xf0000000 Cache Control

location description
0xc4000000 Processor ID
0x55 CPU
0xaa COP

Interrupt Controller
location description
0xcf001000 CPU interrupt status
0x1 IDE0
0x10 ser0
0x20 i2c
0x80 ser1
0x800 timer1
0x4000 GPIO
0xcf00101c forced interrupt clear
0xcf001020 CPU interrupt enable mask status
0xcf001024 CPU interrupt enable mask set
0xcf001028 CPU interrupt enable mask clear
0xcf001030 COP interrupt enable mask status
0xcf001034 COP interrupt enable mask set
0xcf001038 COP interrupt enable mask clear

Timer Controller
location description
0xcf001100 timer1 config
0xcf001104 timer1 present value
0xcf001108 timer2 config
0xe0000000 config bits, rest are counter value
0x80000000 enable?
0xcf00110c timer2 present value
0xcf001110 microsecond timer

Device Controller
location description
0xcf005030 device reset
0x4 (2) system
0x100 (8) i2c
0xcf005000 clock enable

CPU Controller
location description
0xcf004054 sleep CPU
0xce to wake up CPU
0xca to sleep CPU
0xcf004058 sleep COP
0xce to wake up COP
0xca to sleep COP

GPIO Controller
location description
0xcf000000 GPIO port A enable
0xcf000004 GPIO port B enable
0xcf000008 GPIO port C enable
0xcf00000c GPIO port D enable
0xcf000010 GPIO port A output enable
0xcf000020 GPIO port A output value
0xcf000030 GPIO port A input value
0xcf000040 GPIO port A interrupt status
0xcf000050 GPIO port A interrupt enable
0xcf000060 GPIO port A interrupt level
0xcf000070 GPIO port A interrupt clear

LCD Controller
location description
0xc0001000 LCD control
0x2 backlight
0x8000 LCD busy

Serial Controller
location description
0xc0006000 ser0
0xc0006040 ser1
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