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THE IPODLINUX TEAM WILL NOT RESPOND TO FORUM POSTS REGARDING THIS INSTALLER! (Note: despite this disclaimer, many people are willing to help out with this installation--look on the forums for nano installer threads)

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Downloads This link uses the new installer2. See the other tinyurl link below for the instructions. -cutiger 03/2007

The following installers delete all the musics on your iPod and corrupt the partition table. If you use them, you have to fix it manually, using command prompt shown in the instruction below. It would be easier to use the simple installer above that is free from those problems. -- Miche 03:01, 29 Aug. 2006

The following links to the original mod for a "nano installer." However, before you download it, you may want to read on and use a different set of instructions with this package.

Mirror 1:

Mirror 2:

From what I can tell, this is the same as the 4G installer packaged with 11/14/05 builds of podzilla and the kernel. The instructions with this package are rudimentary and poorly written. These instructions have caused numerous users to have problems.

Also, note that you may have to use slightly different method of installation as iTunes 7 now has the iPod Updater built in.

Instructions - This pairs with the above download tinyurl link. Make sure you have a pdf reader to view this link. -cutiger 03/2007

How To install iPodLinux on an iPod Nano

The good news is that several people have taken this installer and developed better instructions. One forum thread, which has detailed instructions, is this one:

The key for me was to follow the instructions exactly--one instruction involved unplugging the nano at a certain point and that made all the difference.

Note that this is one person's experience and does not reflect whether the posted method will work for you. It's unsupported! — Josh (talk) 19:29, 19 Jan 2006 (CST)

Installation Comments and Suggestions

-I was able to install on a 4 GB nano with v1.1 of the Ipod Updater.

-I also tried it with the latest Podzilla and kernel (1/12/06) and was successful.

-Someone had the comment "All the songs are being played too fast," though I'm not sure what that means. I see no difference in the original iPod OS performance.

-It took a few attempts, but I managed to get iLinux and movies running on my 2gig nano. THe only problem was the next day when I woke it up and all my music was gone and Podzilla didnt boot - iLinux was stopped on a Kernal Panic error. Other forums have suggested that these Windows installation instructions are flawed: "The problem is that you installed iPL wrong. All Windows installers currently do it the "wrong way" for Nano. You create the iPL partition by taking a chunk out of the firmware partition, not the music partition. While this makes installation easier (no need to back up and restore your iPod's contents), it has the slightly bothersome side effect of completely clobbering your iPodLinux install whenever your iPod is left alone for over twelve hours. " ( - Josh, forum). A quick fix is to use iPodWizard to disable the deep sleep setting on your ipod, but this will result in slightly higher battery drain when your ipod is sleeping for a few days. Does anyone see how to correct the partitioning in the install?

" ( - Gekko, Easier way, just use power off (beta) with pz0 or floydzilla.

Applications, Games, etc

The Video Player and iDoom work on the nano. I was able to get the Doom, Heretic, and Half-Life mods to work, but not the Final Fantasy or Duke Nukem mods. I also have to reboot after exiting out any of these applications before launching another one.


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