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MV Player
Video Player for iPod
Category Applications
Developer Gaspode
Last updated July 02, 2006
Version 0.6
Runs on All color iPods that run linux
Requires iPodLinux
Download MV Player (
Table of contents

What is MV Player?

The MV Player is a compressed video player. It is an external application that can be run through podzilla. A compressed video is a video format that is smaller (in megabytes) than the original size. iPodLinux currently only plays decompressed videos so they are fairly large (around 10 times larger than the original file).


There is no official release but the current unofficial one has a fully functional fast-forward, rewind, volume control and pause. To pause use key lock or hold down play/pause and spin the wheel to alter the volume.

Which iPods does it run on?

MV Player only runs on all color screeen iPods. It does not run on any of the grayscale iPods.


MV Player

Get the the latest stable release here ( called moviepod.tar.gz

Or get the recommended preview here ( The preview has a menu to select videos.

Schemes (For preview)

All the schemes can now be found here.

Screen shots


The action-nano.mvpd video

YouTube video playing on Nano



Madonna - Sorry


The preview version provides some information about the video files and can play at more than 10 fps.



  1. First get the binary and put mv_player and mv_player_debug into the root OR a "Videos" folder
  2. Next get a video from somewhere
  3. Rename the video nano.mvpd and put it in the same directory as mv_player.

For those of you wanting a menu to select movies, there is a simple way to avoid having to edit the /etc/rc file. All you have to do is create shell scripts that run the file. These can be excecuted through podzilla (legacy, not pz2). or use the installer

Example script (
/hp/Videos/mv_player /hp/Videos/movie.mvpd

This script assumes that your fat32 partition mounts on /hp (if its /mnt just replace /hp with /mnt), and that mv_player is in a folder called "Videos" in your fat32 partition, along with the encoded movie (movie.mvpd).

Preview (Mac/Linux)

Without Linux Installed

This ( (for mac) will install the preview version along with many other apps and linux it's self.

With Linux Installed

If you want the preview version (Which I recommend) use the preview installer
1) Download the installer ( and extract to your desktop
2) If you are on a mac open MVPDinstaller Your iPod will need to be named ipod. It will remind you to do so.

If you have any problems with that, or if you are on linux open up terminal and type sh then drag the file into the window, hit return. You may get an error saying that something already exists, well ignore it, it will still work.


  1. First open My Computer to the root directory of your ipod. Make a new folder and name it "Videos".
  2. Drop mv_player and mv_player_debug from the compressed file into this folder.
  3. Get a video from somewhere
  4. Rename the video nano.mvpd and drop it into the Videos folder.

Preview (Windows)

Tutorial for the menu/scheme version, check here:

Video Converters

All converters can be found on this page.

HELP it doesn't work!

I'm getting a blue screen when installing the preview!
-That means that it can not find the scheme, download it and point to it with the cfg or makesure that it is in the correct place

Videos don't play!
Please make sure that all required files are in the directory.
- If you are starting the mv_player from loader2, the /etc/rc or a shell script make sure that the videofilename is spelt correctly and is relative to the working directory. The easiest way to achieve this is by making all paths absolute (e.g. "/home/videos/video.mvpd" instead of "./videos/video.mvpd")
- If you are using Podzilla make sure that the video file is called "nano.mvpd" and not "Nano.mvpd" or "nano.mvpd.avi"
- If you are trying to play a video you encoded yourself, try the provided examples. If they don't work and you tried all the above, post in the official thread.

Where do I can find the debug?
The mv_player_debug was used in the earlier versions to determine wether possible problems were because of the player, hardware or the video file. Since most of the hardware problems have been sorted out for iPod Nanos and iPod Photos it is not longer provided. If you want to, you can create a debug version of the player by compiling it with the option DEBUG=1, however the debug information might not be concurrent with the current program flow.

Where do I can find the mv_analyzer?
The current version of the mv_analyzer is outdated, it will still find some errors in the video stream, but it won't find all. Therefore there is no binary provided. If you want you can still compile it with make mv_analyzer.

I do not hear any sound when using MV Easy
Your length of sound file does not exactly match the length of audio, so that even if there is a small difference you will not receive any sound output. Adjust the files so that they match in length.

My sound is out of sync!
When the video is playing hold down play/pause until the sound stops then release the button, that should do the trick.
Note: This should not be necessary in the current versions.

It froze when the video stopped
When the video stops you need to hold down rewind to quit.

For more help look at this ( forum
NOTE: don't ask about conversion problems on this forum.

Future work

Podzilla 2 Integration

There is an experimental module to open mvpd files from within podzilla 2. You can find it here You will also need this.

Further Development

This is a list of planned improvments. The further at the top an item is, the earlier it will be implemented.
(this list will probably change very often)

  • B / P Frames: Could decrease either the file size, or increase the picture quality <--- Currently implemented but not perfected
  • Audio Compression: Should significantly improve the compression ratio
  • Better Volume Control (If i can figure out how to do this)
  • Fixed pz2 Module
  • Fixing artifacts, which appear at complex black / white transitions <--- Better (fixed?) in the preview version
  • Adding a progress bar for rewind / forward and volume <--- Implemented in the preview version
  • Menu to choose the video file <--- has been implemented in the new preview mvpd build.

Thanks to

  • Gaspode / NsN - For writing the program
  • Crazyboarderboy6 - For the mac encoder, work on the mac tut, making the wiki pages and making a few installers
  • Fxb - For the python script encoder, the web-based encoder and the extra .mvpd videos
  • B(.)(.)b - For the encoder help
  • Romo97531 - For the EXE encoder
  • Ben Imamovic - For conversion option
  • Ipodphoto - For writing the Mac tutorial
  • Justl2003 - For writing the less-hassle Mac tutorial
  • Everyone else who tested
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