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Is iPodLinux not working? Did something go wrong during your installation? Check the Troubleshooting page.


Having trouble figuring out the syntax for editing WIKI? Read the MediaWiki Handbook (!

Before you ask a question!

  • Check our FAQ and Troubleshooting pages.
  • If your question is about something Unsupported, ask whoever made the tutorial.
  • Search for at least 10 minutes before bringing a question to our team. The more questions we have to answer, the less time we have to work on support for other iPods.


We have a fairly active phpBB forums ( area! If you are having problems getting up and running, have a feature request or just want to talk about ipodlinux please take it up on the forums (

Forums: (


For a more real-time medium we have an IRC channel setup on the FreeNode ( network. Check out the ipodlinux (irc:// channel on

IRC: ipodlinux (irc://

How to ask for help on IRC

If you join the IRC channel, don't just say "can anyone help me?" or "my ipod is broken. help!". There are many people constantly scanning the messages, but do not want to get involved unless they can answer a specific question.

So, after perhaps a short introduction of yourself, state your problem.

When you have one of those "I have installed iPodLinux and now something does not work any more", then give us these details upfront:

  • How did you install, i.e. did you follow a tutorial or use an installer? If so, tell us which one you used. If it's an installer, tell us which version it has or what date it was created or where you downloaded it from (tell us the URL!)
  • If you used the installer, tell us which non-default options you chose in it.
  • If changing the loader caused the problem, tell us how you did that. Did you use the Installer for it, or did you do it manually?
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