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Creating New Pages

If you are considering creating a new page please ensure that the following criteria are met. If you are in violation of these criteria, your page will be deleted.

  • Make sure that the page contains some useful information (e.g. documentation), but don't document things that have already been documented elsewhere. Instead, you should improve the existing page. This means documenting X, Y and Z on a new page when X, Y and Z have already been documented elsewhere is a No-Do.
  • If the page is about a project you are working on your project must be iPodLinux related and fully working. You must also publish the fully working source code upon the creation of the page. The only exception to this criterion is if you are creating a page about a project beneath your user page as a sandbox, in which case you do not need a fully working version of your project. However, you may not link to this page from any place on the wiki except for your user page, or other users’ user pages, or pages beneath those user pages. In the interests of keeping the wiki clean, if your page has not been updated in some time it may be deleted.

General Checklist

This is a checklist we ask you to follow every time you edit or create a page on this wiki:

  • Add one or more Categories to the bottom of the page if there are no categories already.
  • If the page is about something that is not officially supported yet, then add {{unsupported}} to the top of the page. (Here is a complete list of all templates.)
  • If you have OS-specific information to add (i.e. for Mac / Windows / Linux), then do not create a separate page for it; instead add it to the main page for that subject. We like to keep all information related to one topic on one page, if possible. Just add a header like === Windows specifics === to the page and add your text there.
  • If you are editing a discussion (talk) page make sure you sign your comments by clicking button_sig.png or typing ~~~~.

More Help

If you don't know how to edit a wiki in general take a look at this tutorial at Wikipedia or read "How to edit a page" to learn more about the wiki markup language.

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