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To get iDoom installed on your iPod is a very simple process. All you need to have is an iPod that has podzilla2 or podzilla legacy running on it with orange boot text and a computer (Mac, PC, Linux doesn't matter). Download iDoom (

  1. Unzip the downloaded file.
  2. Get the folder iDoom with the files in it and copy or move them to anywhere on your iPod that you can get to in the File Browser of podzilla.
  3. Disconnect your iPod and boot into Linux.
  4. Go to the File Browser and select "mnt" and find the iDoom folder.
  5. Once you're in the iDoom Folder just select the file iDoom, a text will run past and you will be able to play Doom.

Whats differs iDoom from nxdoom

  • Complete new port, developed from original Doom source code.
  • Correct screen size.
  • Nice looking dithered graphics1.
  • 10-15 fps2.
  • Works on all iPodLinux enabled iPods.
  • Does not depend on Nano-X/microwindows.

1for B&W models only.
2only ~8fps for iPods with PP5002 due to broken cache

What you need

Click here to download iDoom (


Rewind Left
Fastforward Right
Menu Forward
Play/Pause Fire
Hold Menu
Action Use
Right on the wheel Y
Left on the wheel Enter

Things to fix/add

  • Overhead map.
  • Wad selector.
  • Sound.


iDoom running on iPod Photo

Note that the videos are compressed tarballs which can be uncompressed with gnutar or WinZIP ( or Stuffit ( Once uncompressed, the video is in QuickTime ( format.

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