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Website Administrators/Developers

  • Luke - Site Admin, Forum Admin (Inactive for personal reasons)
    • Initial development and maintenance of the Wiki, Forums, and Blog.

  • Blake Benthall (veteran) - Server Admin, Forum Admin
    • Server contributor and administrator
    • Backend caretaker of WIKI and forums.

Development Team

This list is mostly alphabetical.

  • Bernard Leach (leachbj) - Lead Developer, Site Admin, Forum Admin
    • Project founder, what can't this guy do? He's a superhero.

  • Rebecca Bettencourt (BeckieRGB, jonrelay) - Developer, Forum Mod
    • Text Input, MultiConvert, IconUI, PodWrite, PodPaint

  • Felix Bruns (fxb) - Developer, Forum Mod
    • podzilla2 Firewire and USB header widgets
    • Calendar, Screen Lock, Screen Capture

  • David Carne (davidc, busonerd) - Developer, Forum Mod
    • Checksum crack for the loader
    • Work on the COP

  • Courtney Cavin (courtc) - Developer, Forum Mod
    • podzilla(2) developer: Flashing arrows 'n stuff
    • MPDc: MPD client for podzilla and podzilla2
    • iPod 3.4.3 toolchain maintainer
    • Graphics primitives for Hotdog

  • >James Jacobsson (slowcoder) - Developer
    • Graphics stuff, including the Hotdog engine used in Podzilla 2
    • The new ipodloader2 that can load kernels from a FAT32 partition

  • Adam Johnston (aegray) - Developer, Forum Mod
    • Video Player
    • Work on COP stuff and on supporting the newer iPods
    • Being a nuisance in IRC ;-)

  • Scott Lawrence (BleuLlama, yorgle) - Developer, Forum Mod
    • Podzilla developer: PodDraw, Vortex, Clock, and more

  • Jeffrey Nelson (macPod) - Developer, Forum Mod
    • OS X installer
    • Podzilla games: Tic-Tac-Toe and Tunnel

  • Joshua Oreman (josh, oremanj) - Developer, Forum Mod

  • Alastair Stuart (coob) - Developer, Forum Mod
    • Podzilla developer: AAC support, Cube, Matrix, Minesweeper
    • Work on codecs for MPD

Other Contributors

  • Phyntos - Contributor
    • Windows installer

  • Filippo Forlani
    • Podzilla games: iPobble, Invaders, Memory

  • Nils Schneider (nilss) - Contributor
    • Extensive work on 4g support
    • Father of the piezo hack


  • Sponsors - A list of our sponsors
  • User List - Our many WIKI contributors
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